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Originally the marble fountains served only as a point of water supply for the inhabitants of a town and were usually located in the squares or central places, to facilitate access to them.

The materials used to make these sources ranged from a simple wooden pylon or trough, to pieces of natural stone and marbles. The main reason for making these sources in marble or natural stone was precisely because of the hardness and durability of this material and its resistance to stone erosion and weathering.

With the Roman Empire and Islamic culture, it was when these pieces began to acquire a character much more than only functional and began to form part of a decorative space, where they acquired a huge role. In this way pieces of enormous beauty were carved, details with reliefs, carvings, etc .; And became synonymous with social status.

Currently there are different materials of manufacture of wall sources as of center, ranging from the original materials of marble and stone, to the fiber…

Interior terracotta floor treatment reddish tint with satin finish

In this work we find an interior surface of terracotta floor reddish tonality that even though it was not in bad condition had long been untreated.

The house was acquired by a new owner and wanted to make several reforms and among them was rehabilitating the floor.

In a couple of bathrooms there had once been a problem of filtration of moisture that was already solved, but that caused that in some of the baths appeared whitish spots of saltpeter.

We had to proceed to pick up these areas of the baths to eradicate saltpeter and with the rest of the floor of the house we performed a standard cleaning to leave the floor clean and ready to receive the treatment, which this time the customer chose the satin finish and Which was not very friendly to the shine on the floors.

Here we leave you a photo gallery of the process carried out and its final result: