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Ceramic tiles earthenware dating from the ninth century BC Babylon

The Romans used abundantly terracotapara tile floors, but the technique was dormant until the thirteenth century when re introduced in the Iberian Peninsula at the hands of the Arabs. There were used to create dazzling geometric designs on the floors and walls of the royal palaces and mosques.

The typical format tiles handmade terracotta was a square of 25 cm side. With industrialization uniform options such as unglazed tiles replaced the handmade.

Very recently, the renewed interest in natural forms and authentic decor has recovered crafting, a fact that explains the original ancient examples have increasing demand.

From Craft Materials and through our factory, we offer the widest range of handmade mud.
Two colors to choose:

Pink terracotta floors : With a more uniform and smooth surface and an orange hue is ideal for customers who want the aesthetics of craft clay, but with a less rustic finish

Reddish terracotta floor…