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Recovery work indoor terracotta floor. It was a mud floor light tone with lots of stains. At the time the soil was treated with linseed oil type product, but at the time of onset of labor had lost virtually all its protective properties. We had to proceed in a first phase to a pickling process for removing the old processor and the embedded stains that appeared. Because many areas had lots of very embedded stains, we had to repeat the stripping process on more than one occasion to get eradicate these spots. After the pickling phase, we proceeded to rinse and scrub the floor with the appropriate products to remove any salt that may have the floor. After a week once completely dry soil, note that the stain removal was achieved almost entirely. After drying the floor, we proceeded to the implementation of treatment inside with satin finish in two phases. A first application with a basic treatment for sealing pore clay and a second treatment with a satin finish for total waterproofing and gro…

Colums custom manufacturing of travertine olivillo

In this work we performed was to make a personalized custom 7 columns olivillo travertine marblewith honed finish.

The total height of the pillars were of 225 cm and a diameter of 25 cm shaft and buckling; that is, the shaft is wider at its middle.

A special feature of this order is that we specific client who wanted us to send you the columns already assembled at the factory. Normally the columns are made in three parts (stem, base and capital) separately to then be assembled on site. This is not a problem because sometimes other customers have asked us; you just have to take special care when palletizing columns for shipping, so they are very protected to prevent possible incidents during transport.

In this case these columns were sent to Alava, and drawers were made to measures for the protection of the columns during transport.

Here you have some photos of the entire process of manufacturing to palletising prior to the transmission of natural stone columns customer in Alava.…