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Recovery of terracotta floor both exterior and interior in housing in Benahavis (Málaga)

On this occasion we find a house with a light terracotta floor, both outdoors and inside the house.

On the outside terracotta floor the main problem was that there were areas with incrustations of mold and some stains; while in the interior mud we find a mud that has been treated for a long time but that was already very worn and with some scratches caused by the use and movement of furniture.

The procedure abroad was first to proceed to the eradication of areas with embedded mold, for a subsequent cleaning and application of matte finish treatment.

In the interior, we proceeded first to a pickling phase to remove any remaining old treatment and leave the slab with its pore open and thus be able to clean in depth and finally apply an interior treatment with satin effect finish (matte) .

Here we leave photos of the whole process :