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Cleaning and treatment of soil composition inside checkerboard marble and terracotta

In this work we have the added difficulty of a floor inside checkerboard composed of aged cream marble and semi-manual terracotta floor.

We speak of added difficulty; as the combination of marble and mud is not very common and it is often problematic, since the cleaning products used for mud have an acid component brightness eats polished marble.

Fortunately this marble floor was old and honed (dull), so this facilitated the work; although we had a special care when using cleaning products in right proportions to avoid damaging the marble at all.

The floor had stains embedded especially in the mud of semi-manual. Therefore the procedure was to make a first cleaning phase, as we said with proportions of very poor cleaning products to protect the marble. This process had to be repeated twice in a row to achieve the total elimination of stains.

Subsequently after waiting for the soil completely dried about 4 days we proceeded to the implementation of protective treatment that was applied…

Artesanía del Mármol : Manufacture marble fountains

We are specialized in manufacturing fountains as marble and natural stone; fountains both midtown and wall fountains and masks to sources.

We have a large catalog from which to choose from a variety of models that can serve them as a reference; but as we discussed our specialty is custom manufacturing.

We can manufacture any model either from our catalog, from the plans, drawings or photographs of reference.

To do this we need only specify the following information in order to assess the budget:

- Model to rely on either the catalog, flat, photo or drawing
- Dimensions: total height and diameter of the dishes font, width, etc.
- Material you want the budget: macael white, ivory, limestone, green, ...
- Type of finish: polished, honed, aged, ...
- Place of delivery, because we distributed nationwide and even abroad

With this information we can provide a fully customized quote tailored to your preferences.

Then we leave a video and some photos of examples of works done: