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This work was a custom order for a town in the province of Leon (Spain).

We was provided details of design and measurements for manufacturing a center fountain in black marble with polished finish marquina we manufacture from a solid block.

The main feature of this marble fountain is in turn its simple design and the same original time.

These were the design details and measures that facilitated us:

From these details we started with the manufacturing process from a solid block of black marble marquina.

This is the detail of the manufacturing process to the end:

Treatment terracotta floor: rustic finish

This work was performed cleaning and treatment of terracotta floor of a room that had suffered leaks and moisture had only recently made the corresponding work to fix it.

It was a new terracotta floor in 30x30 cm format. In the rest of the house they had placed a terracotta floor of a lighter shade with colored rustic finish treatment. The idea was to finish as close as possible to do the terracotta floor together with the rest of the house.

Although the tone of the terracotta floor from the rest of the house and this room did not match, it was decided to apply a leather-rustic finish, which although would not be identical to the rest of the terracotta floor of the house to have very different tonalities ; if it would match the rustic style.

Thus we proceeded first to the cleaning process, later to apply a protective base treatment and finally finishing treatment effect rustic leather.

Here you have some photos of the different stages and the final result.



Manufacturing process marble floors and natural stone

From our factory in Macael, we manufacture and distribute a national level floors and marble tilingand natural stone in a variety of formats.

We manufacture from standard type 30x30 cm formats, 40x40 cm, 60x60 cm; to special formats of 100x100 cm, 120x100 cm, etc.

We have a variety of colors (white macael, ivory, travertine olivillo, ...) and types of finishes (polished, aged, honed, ...)

As is the manufacturing process:

It all starts with the acquisition of a quarry bolus (piece of rough stone) of the selected material to send to the factory for manufacturing.

This process of choosing the bolus is extremely important because it determines the quality of the material. Bowling in quarries are scattered and usually selected by weight, but rarely for quality. This is where the view and experience enters know when select the best bowling quarry, to offer a first material to our customers.

We usually work with quarries nationwide, although we also export to other quarries.

Once the bolus h…