Cleaning exterior mud floors with pressure water machines: An error that can be very expensive

Today it has become very fashionable to use pressure water machines to clean from our car, facades, floors, etc.

While it is true that the result that is obtained in most cases is very positive, we must be very aware that these machines work at a few bars of pressure in which no one would think to put the hand underneath, if we do not want To suffer damage and to say great pain.

This I just said that seems to come to mind, I say because the terracotta floor is nothing more than as his own word says clay. If we have ever broken a terracotta pot, we can see what it is like inside: it has a very small outer layer that we see, apparently very hard, but inside we see how the clay grains are pressed together And as if we give him with the fingers these are easily detached.

Well the clay pavement is exactly the same: coast of a layer about 2 mm thick that the hardest vitrified part and that we tread, but below this layer is the granulate of which we have spoken before.

Now let's think about a pressurized water cleaning machine. If we are clear that no one would put his hand down, let's think about how it affects a mud pavement with only about 2 mm of hard vitrified surface. Without doubt, not the first, nor the second, nor perhaps the third, but over time we have to be clear that we are going to erode this surface until we cross it and reach the commented granular zone. Of course this will depend on the degree of hardness of the clay: it is not equal a manual mud that a mechanical one, nor one type of clay with another; But in the long run we have to be clear that we are going to erode the soil until we reach levels like the one in the picture below or many worse:

In these two pictures we can clearly see the deterioration effect we are referring to and believe me when I tell you that this is not one of the worst cases and that specifically in this one was recovered to a great extent (see work).

The bad news is that if you pass over this point and we load the vitrified area that is the one that we step on, the mud will gradually begin to crumble under our feet, arriving in the worst of cases to be unrecoverable and finally having to proceed To lift the floor and change it for a new one.

For this reason we strongly recommend not to use pressure water cleaning machines on mud floors, or at least if it is done on time, to do so at a distance where the outlet pressure of the water is not so strong and direct with the clay floor .

We know that in the outdoor areas where the verdin accumulates, it is tempting to use these pressure machines at close range since it usually removes all the verdin from the soil, but we are not only deteriorating the soil; If not also opening more and more the pore of it, with which the verdín will have increasingly easier to root in the slabs of clay. We recommend to always put in the hands of professionals and use the products that exist in the market for such a task and that will eliminate the slime from the mud floor without deteriorating it.

We hope this article serves to clarify doubts and above all help to keep your outdoor mud floors in good condition.


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