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Terracotra floors : Its thermal properties

All we ever heard of him, "You are colder than marble"; and as they say all these have a reason.

Indeed marble is one of the coolest materials, and you will know of what I speak, those who ever have taken up barefoot winter on a marble floor, or have gone out of the tub after a warm and suddenly shower put foot on the ground, one is cut the body.

On the outside, we can also encounter the opposite case of using stone floors as blackboard or some kind of dark material; when summer comes and the sun is full, there is no god to be able to put a bare foot on the damn ground.

With these two examples above, is what we refer to as thermal properties of a soil.

Furthermore, it is becoming more common in homes installing underfloor heating the soil in winter. Of course keep in mind that against a ground thermal properties have a cold winter, the underfloor heating cost more time and energy to get the optimum soil temperature range. This results in both energy expenditure cost and time…